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Combat Speed 5 vit/svart
Stor bild
Combat Speed vit/svart Slutsåld i storlek 4½, 5, 6½, 7.
Storlek: 3½-12 (36-47 1/3) Pris: 850
Combat Speed V blå
Stor bild
Combat Speed V blå Finns i storlekar 6, 6½, 7, 7½, 8, 8½, 9 och 9½
Storlek: Begränsat Pris: 850
Combat Speed V röd/vit
Stor bild
Ny sko i Combatserien. Nu med kardborre runt snörningen. Slutsåld i storlek 4, 4½ och 6
Storlek: 3½-12 (36-47 1/3) Pris: 850
Combat Speed V svart/silver
Stor bild
Ny sko i Combatserien. Nu med kardborre runt snörningen.
Storlek: 3½-12 (36-47 1/3) Pris: 850
Flying Impact Camo print
Stor bild
Kamouflagefärgade Flying Impact
Storlek: 36 - 47 (3½ - 12) Pris: 1300
Havoc Kids II blå
Stor bild
Havoc Kids II blå med snörning Finns i storlek; 33, 34, 4½, 5, 5½.
Storlek: Begränsat Pris: 600
Havoc Kids svart
Stor bild
Havoc Kids II svart med snörning. Förbättrat tåparti.
Storlek: 27 - 38½ Pris: 600
Havoc white blue
Stor bild
Havoc i vuxenstorlekar
Storlek: 6-13 (39-48½) Pris: 700
Mat Wizard III grey_blue
Stor bild
Mat Wizard är tillbaka på mattan... Små storlekar är tillfälligt slutsålda.
Storlek: 7½ - 12 (41 1/3 - 47) Pris: 900
Mat Wizard IV black
Stor bild
Mat Wizard IV. The Mat Wizard is a lightweight but still a tough practice and competition shoe - 3D mesh upper for maximum breathability - as a lightweight all-rounder, this shoe is for both styles – Greco-roman and freestyle - tough, lightweight underlays support the midfoot area as well as the ankle - Outsole, which is based on the Rio 2016 shoe, uses drive zones and a radial curve to keep you in constant contact with the mat, maximizing grip and allowing explosive movement - The 3-Stripe Construction gives you stability for the midfoot - Rounded Midsole edge for instant contact and grip on the mat - The Mat Wizard is the signature shoe of “Magic Man” David Taylor – a six time NCAA Champion and two time Winner of the Golden Grand Prix Ivan Yarygin - David Taylor is a Freestyle Specialist , who’s input during the development of this shoe was essential. He competes in the 86kg category and is coached by Cael Sanderson (Olympic Champion in the class of 84kg in Athens 2004) - a Mat Wizard in size UK 8 (EUR 42) weighs exactly 236 grams
Storlek: 3½-12 (36-47 1/3) Pris: 1.100.-
Mat Wizard IV whiteblue
Stor bild
Mat Wizard IV vit/blå
Storlek: 7-11 (40½ - 46) Pris: 1100
Pretereo III black
Stor bild
Pretereo III svart Storlek 7,0 är slutsåld
Storlek: 6 - 12 (39 - 47) Pris: 900
Pretereo III blue
Stor bild
Pretereo III blue Slutsåld i storlek 4½, 5, 6, 6½, 7½, 8½, 9.
Storlek: 3½ - 12 Pris: 900
Pretereo III white/grey
Stor bild
Pretereo III i ny färg. Finns endast i storlek: 44, 44½, 45, 46
Storlek: begränsat Pris: 900
Pretereo III white/red
Stor bild
Pretereo III vit med röda detaljer. Finns bara i storlek: 9½ och 10. (44 och 44½)
Storlek: Begränsat Pris: 900
Stor bild
The new Jake Varner 2 Black/White/Black wrestling shoe for 2017 from Adidas featuring an overlay mix one piece highly breathable single layer upper of engineered mesh fabric. The Varner 2 High Tech out sole performance is unmatched for grip and feel on any mat surface. The EVA Wedge mid sole assists in perfect stance positioning. The Varner 2 is built to perform for the Elite Level wrestler. The Varner 2 wrestling shoe has that out of the box broken in feeling so you can put them into battle day one.
Storlek: 3½-12 (36-47 1/3) Pris: 1300